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AI-Powered Trading Bot Used to Defraud Investors in Ponzi Scheme


– InvesableAI operates in the cryptocurrency MLM niche.
– The company’s co-founders are Lee Dalton and Richmond Ray Gonzales.
– Dalton is believed to be an Australian national, while Gonzales is from Singapore.
– Reid Fletcher is the Marketing Director of InvesableAI and also works for the Gate cryptocurrency exchange.
– InvesableAI does not have any retailable products or services.
– Affiliates can only market InvesableAI’s affiliate membership.
– Affiliates invest in cryptocurrency with the promise of returns.
– InvesableAI pays referral commissions through a unilevel compensation structure.
– Referral commissions are paid as a percentage of cryptocurrency invested across six levels.
– InvesableAI also provides matching bonuses and team turnover bonuses based on investment volume.
– Membership in InvesableAI is free, but full participation in the income opportunity requires a minimum investment.
– InvesableAI claims to generate external revenue through an AI trading bot.
– There is no evidence that InvesableAI is registered with any financial regulator, making it likely to be committing securities fraud.


– InvesableAI’s co-founders and their backgrounds raise questions about their qualifications in cryptocurrency and AI.
– The involvement of a third party, potentially represented by Reid Fletcher, suggests that someone else may be controlling InvesableAI’s operations.
– InvesableAI’s failure to register with any financial regulator indicates it is not complying with securities laws and is engaging in fraudulent activity.
– InvesableAI falsely claims to be licensed and regulated, despite having no track record of success or regulatory approval.
– InvesableAI’s reliance on recruitment and investments means it is likely to collapse once new sign-ups dry up.
– Participants in InvesableAI’s Ponzi scheme are likely to lose their investment when the scheme collapses.

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