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Plexus Pays $600,000 to Resolve Mail Fraud Allegations

Plexus, a company accused of engaging in fraudulent activities related to mail, has agreed to pay a settlement of $600,000. The allegations against Plexus involved underpaid postage and the use of duplicate postage in sending out product orders. The complaint, filed by the DOJ, states that Plexus misrepresented the postage payments by labeling the items as having been paid appropriately, even when they hadn’t. These actions allowed Plexus to avoid paying the correct postage or not paying it at all.


  • Total Settlement Amount: $600,000
  • Restitution Amount: $232,776

The fraudulent activities were discovered by the USPS in June 2013, although the complaint had a backdated date in July 2023. Despite receiving notifications about the underpaid and duplicate postage, Plexus continued using these methods until October 2016. Plexus has attributed the mail fraud to errors caused by third-party information systems but has accepted responsibility for the underpaid postage and duplicate postage submissions.


  • Plexus has reached a settlement of $600,000 to resolve the allegations of mail fraud.
  • The settlement includes a restitution amount of $232,776.
  • Plexus was accused of presenting mail with underpaid postage and using duplicate postage.
  • The items mailed were falsely labeled as having appropriate postage payments.
  • The fraudulent actions were discovered by the USPS in June 2013, and Plexus continued using these methods until October 2016.
  • Plexus claims errors caused by third-party information systems, but takes responsibility for the underpaid and duplicate postage.
  • Plexus has waived defenses against criminal prosecution or administrative action related to the covered conduct.

No criminal charges are expected to be pursued against Plexus at this time. Any further actions taken by the DOJ will be updated accordingly.

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